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The Truth Is In The Music

Ron Stills

Ron Stills, a name that incapsulates not only the individual personally but also the artist. Having a calm and laid back demeanor coupled with the desire to have fun and live free Ron lives life the same way he makes music. Love for music and love for creating is why he makes music and does what he does, something that he has been doing for the past thirteen years with no signs of slowing down. Music has always been an expression of life, where you have been where you’re at and where you're going, Ron’s music is no different. Not afraid to be himself he doesn’t get caught up in social trends or gimmicks and sticks to his principles. 

Born and raised in Southern California and growing up in a Caribbean home music was never absent. From hip hop greats like Tupac and Eminem to reggae legends like Bob Marley, Beres hammond and everything in-between, Stills’ has had many musical influences that has helped turn him into the artist he is today. Those influences are what inspired him to make music from an early age, and not just any music but music he believes in that also resonates with others. As time passed the list of influences only increased in size with the additions of artist like Kevin gates, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West just to name a few.

In the music game Stills has been able to work with great musicians and producers such as Eric Tucker and Rolyks. Stills released his first official singles “Enemy” and “Gold” in August 2019 which resulted in online post by many independent music blogs such as Stereo Stickman and Broken 8 Records among others. His latest release “Frost” was covered by websites such as the Music Observer and the LA Wire. Since then he has been hard at work recording more music in hopes of perfecting his craft with plans of releasing many songs and projects in the coming months.

With a passion for creating Ron Stills will continue to work hard and have fun making content with meaning, content that he believes in. His music has many traits that make it stand out but one of the most important is its honesty. This honesty shines through every part of Ron both personally and professionally, an honesty that is noticed with one listen, after all life and music are one and the same.

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